Staying Organized


ToDoMatrix is designed to keep tasks organized by project folders.


ToDoMatrix's "home screen" view offers a familiar cabinet structure with tabs across the top. The first tab contains a user's projects. Additional tabs offer system views such as views by date, delegate, dimension, priority, status, context, and so forth.


Hold the "Alt" key and scroll left or right to navigate the tabs without having to scroll to the top.




ToDoMatrix offers a nearly unlimited drawer and folder structure.


ToDoMatrix Professional supports a drawer and folder structure that can nest subfolders up to 10 levels deep.


ToDoMatrix Essential is limited to two levels of drawers and folders.


Scrolling to the left or right on a folder expands or collapses the view.




Write everything down to relieve your subconcious mind of needless stress and worry. ToDoMatrix can manage a nearly unlimited number of tasks.


The application currently can manage 10,000 tasks. This limit could be increased if necessary, but is set at the current level for more efficient use of BlackBerry memory.


See the tasks within any drawer, folder, or subfolder by clicking into the folder.




Drag and drop reorganization is simple and natural to use.


Tasks and folders can both be quickly reorganized by using the "G" grab hot*key, scrolling into place, then "G" again to drop it. On touch screen Storm smartphones, use the icon on the footer to access drag / drop.


The item selected is shown with a pink highlight.




It is easy to move tasks and folders using the "M" move hot*key


Select the item to be moved. Press "M" and a list of destinations pops up. It is possible to limit the destinations by typing a few letters, then scroll to the desired destination and click.


The list of move destinations can be reduced by typing a few letters to limit the window's results.





Get Started Now:

1) Read the best practices white paper first. Everyone that does tells us it was an eye-opening half-hour that made a lasting difference.

2) Download our 30 day free trial.

3) Glance over the documentation to have a better understanding of ToDoMatrix's capabilities.