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Flawless Team Task Management on BlackBerrytm Smartphones

TeamworkMatrix is the team collaboration "big brother" of REXwireless' award-winning ToDoMatrix Professional, the premier task management system for BlackBerry smartphones since 2006. TeamworkMatrix is a great fit for groups that are always on the move but need to work toward a common goal, no matter where today takes them.

Keep your team in sync, without a lot of project management overhead!

Get more of the best stuff done, as a well coordinated team!

Traditional "project management" requires lots of hours, lots of care and feeding, lots of reports, and often, dedicated project managers to keep it all straight.

A big part of the traditional project management problem is that task management is much better on smartphones than it is on a PC or Mac. Nobody carries their laptop with them day and night, yet inspiration and reorganization happen all the time, in places such as meetings down the hall, in a customer's office, waiting at the red light in traffic, at your kid's baseball game, while eating pizza at a restaurant, or right before falling asleep.

TeamworkMatrix makes team task management far easier and more natural, and always within your team member's reach on his or her smartphone.

Stay on the Same Page

Coordinate team members no matter where they are. TeamworkMatrix works across networks, across different companies, and across different countries. Task management is a natural "killer-app" on smartphones because people are never at their PC's 24 x 7.

Get Much More Done

TeamworkMatrix is the state-of-the-art in creating a process that works for task management. Please read our 30 minute Task Management Best Practices white paper - it will change your perspective on why task management process is a true secret to success.

Near-Real-Time Synchronization between Smartphones

REXwireless AES-encrypted Sync2 coordinates the data over wireless cellular services. Data is safe, secure, and easily recoverable if a smartphone is lost or damaged.

Create Tasks from E-Mail and Calendar

Inject information from e-mails that reside on any team member's BlackBerry smartphone - no need to retype information. Injection works from other applications as well, such as calendar and phonelog. It is easy to maintain one repository for a project.

Web Browser Access

REXwireless offers access to your data from our web portal. Review and edit your TeamworkMatrix using a PC, Mac, or iPad browser. This feature is not available today but is coming soon.

Eliminate Most Status Reports

Watch projects as they happen, eliminating time currently wasted reporting who did what, when.

Smart Notices and Alerts

Receive individual notices when tasks are assigned to you, or if key details about one of your tasks are changed.

Subscribe to Projects

Team members can ask the system to notify them regarding task updates in project folders that interest them.

Each Task has an Owner

Every task can be assigned to a team member to ensure that tasks don't fall through the cracks.

View My Tasks or All

Team members can toggle between viewing tasks assigned to them, or see everyone's task assignments. Filters allow people to concentrate on what needs to be done next, not getting overwhelmed by tasks that don't matter today or this week.


"For the first time in a long-time, we are organized and moving forward as a team, without the constant back and forth on the phone and e-mail.

TeamworkMatrix is excellent and has really changed how we work for the better."

Bruce Travis
Director of Sales
TechTeam Global

"Great Stuff"

"We LOVE TeamworkMatrix. We have tried many of the systems out there at the team level but this one really works. Heck, we tried pretty hard to invent our own. It's simple to use but forces us to stay organized along the way. Thanks REXwireless. Your service and your software are great stuff.

Chris Sanchez
Turner Construction

"Can't Live Without TeamworkMatrix"

"It is really amazing how this product has transformed us from chaos to clarity. I can use views and filters to narrow down what has to be done at any given time. We can't live without TeamworkMatrix now. Thank goodness it is reliable day in and day out. Keep up the good work."

Christopher Ferrante
Business Unit Executive
Agilysys Corporation


More Information

We offer a 30 day free trial. Please take the feature tour to get a better perspective of how TeamworkMatrix works on the BlackBerry smartphone. If you would like to talk to our sales group, contact us via our support page.