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Included for an Initial Period: REXdesktop.com Web*Access is included during trial and for a period of time after initial ToDoMatrix or IdeaMatrix license purchase.

REXdesktop is Optional: After the initial period expires, ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix will continue to work without issues on the BlackBerry whether or not a person subscribes to REXdesktop.

Unlimited Upgrades: REXdesktop subscriptions include ongoing upgrades to ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix as long as the subscription is current.

Same Rate for Life of Subscription "Grandfathering": A user's rate will not increase as long as he or she keeps his or her REXdesktop subscription current.


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REXwireless accepts credit card payments via PayPal or Google Checkout, both of which are top 5 credit card processors on the internet.

Renewal is Easy:

  1. 1) Look up the PIN number of your BlackBerry - it is found in BlackBerry Options, then Status.
  2. 2) Use the PIN when entering the subscription page
  3. 3) When you complete the purchase, the system will automatically activate the time extension
  4. No activation codes are needed for REXdesktop subscriptions.


REXwireless keeps track of your licensing - but having your PIN written down is best:

REXwireless tracks your license based on the PIN number of your BlackBerry (see BlackBerry Options / Status for PIN info). Jot down your PIN number in your desk drawer in case you drop your BlackBerry in two feet of powder on your next run down China Bowl in Vail.

REXwireless allows the same user to switch BlackBerry smartphones without a fee. Licenses cannot be resold or transfered to other users.

No activation codes are needed for existing customers. REXdesktop subscriptions follow license changes without needed additional steps.

Preparing for the Move
Before turning off your old BlackBerry, the most important step is to execute final "Backup to Web" commands in each of your REXwireless applications to ensure that your current data is saved on the REXwireless servers.

Auto-Switch Works 83% of the Time
Most transfers succeed by:
a) Downloading the newest versions to the new smartphone from REXwireless.com/download using the BlackBerry browser
b) joining with correct email and password,
c) REXwireless server-side magic handles the rest.

Always Download Fresh with your BlackBerry browser
You should download fresh to the new device because our website delivers to right version for the OS level of your new device. The BlackBerry switch device routine does not get the job done when devices have different OS levels.

Auto-Switch Fails 17% of the Time
This process fails sometimes due to differences in BlackBerry email address / default address configuration.

If you now have a new trial running on your new BlackBerry instead of your current license and data, we have self-service pages to help with device changes:
PIN Change when Auto-Switch Fails

If you don't know your password, see:
Send Forgotten Passwords

If auto-switch fails AND these self-service routines don't help, please email us (include all previous and current device PIN information and any error message specifics). FYI, your BlackBerry PIN is found in BlackBerry Options / Status.