Access your ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix from PC / Mac Browsers offers access to your ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix with an internet browser, giving you full-screen / full-keyboard capabilities when at your desk.

Changes Sync Wirelessly and Automatically with your Smartphone!

While task and notes management are best suited for smartphones, there are times when reviewing your data is best done while you are at your computer. REXwireless offers two methods:

1) REXdesktop web access
2) TAS sync to PC and Mac Programs such as Outlook

REXdesktop is a browser-based web access companion to ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix. Changes made on REXdesktop are encrypted and wirelessly synchronized to the BlackBerry smartphone and vice-versa.

REXdesktop allows a person to work with a full screen and keyboard on any internet-connected Windows PC, Apple Mac, or Linux system whenever a PC or Mac is convenient.

REXdesktop is an optional service and not required to use REXwireless software on your smartphone.


ToDoMatrix for BlackBerry offers the ability to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise, and other programs by using the standard BlackBerry tasks applet as a conduit.

Many programs synchronize with BlackBerry tasks applet via BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Desktop Manager. When TAS is active, ToDoMatrix syncs with the BlackBerry tasks applet in real-time.

TASsync is an included feature of ToDoMatrix for BlackBerry. Please refer to the documentation for more information.

REXwireless includes REXdesktop web access time with the purchase of a license, so that a person can evaluate its usefulness in relation to their needs.

ToDoMatrix Professional for BlackBerry and IdeaMatrix Professional for BlackBerry include 6 months REXdesktop access.

ToDoMatrix for iPhone and ToDoMatrix Essential for BlackBerry include 1 month of REXdesktop service.

Note that individuals with both ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix licenses only need one REXdesktop subscription to use REXdesktop for both.