Personal Notes Manager for BlackBerrytm Smartphones

IdeaMatrix is a perfect repository for notes on the BlackBerry smartphone. Anything and everything that today is scattered about - on index cards, on yellow stickies, on backs of envelopes, on the corners of a calendar, items lost in the depths of your e-mail inbox, bits printed and still sitting on the laser printer - fits well in IdeaMatrix.

Find any nugget of information in seconds when it is on your smartphone in IdeaMatrix!

We Live in an Information Overload Society.

Our world has changed dramatically in just the last decade. We live in a perfect storm of data, blowing at hurricane force. When we have to find something, most of us waste considerable time poking through various places such as numerous e-mail boxes, untidy desks, file folders, and hastily jotted notations on random pieces of paper.

Using a capable central repository makes sense.

IdeaMatrix is the Answer.

To many people's surprise, personal computers are not the answer. While capable software is available, the PC or Mac isn't always with you, it isn't always booted, it isn't always on the network, and it sure isn't easy to use during a 30 second slot while sitting in traffic at a red light.

IdeaMatrix on the BlackBerry smartphone is the answer. It combines an unlimited nested folder structure, great free-form search, a proven Always*Safe automated, encrypted wireless backup with the benefits of an always-on, always-at-your-side BlackBerry smartphone.

IdeaMatrix has many, many uses.

People have written magazine articles and books in IdeaMatrix.

Others keep detailed contact notes when they meet anyone - its handy to review your notes right before you see them again.

Still others compose their blogs while on the run, BlackBerry in hand.

Quite a few initiate outlines of letters, proposals, and Powerpoint presentations in IdeaMatrix when they have an inspiration - notes work like index cards and are easy to drag and drop into order in a folder.

Many more keep workout fitness logs, hotel reservations and cancellations, and software registration codes.

It's a great place to keep contracts and price quotes for instant reference.

Programming instructions for the new router, a great new recipe from Colin, and this fall's football schedule for the kids all fit well too, arranged in neat drawers and folders.

Put everything that is worth keeping into IdeaMatrix for instant recall months or even years later. REXwireless's encrypted Always*Safe backup will keep it always safe.

Smartphones are the best place for your information repository!

The BlackBerry smartphone is a 24 x 7 system - It is always on, always available, always ready, and always within arm's reach.

Even same-office, same-desk, every-working-day people are only at their PC or Mac about half their waking weekday hours. Information continues to flow every waking hour, no matter if a person is at his desk, at dinner, working out at Lifetime Fitness, waiting on the train, or watching TV.

Organizing your random bits of information in near real-time, as they come in, makes it easy to keep up. Batch processing when you return to the desk is never optimal. REXwireless does offer PC/Mac access when you are at your computer with our web access capability.

Finding your information quickly when you need it really helps as well, no matter if you are at the office or on a weekend phone call.

The BlackBerry is the 24 x 7 answer. IdeaMatrix software that makes it happen.

Keep the Information Repository Always*Safe

REXwireless offers lifetime, complimentary wireless backup and restore. Our Always*Safe system has been keeping people's data safe and secure 24 x 7 since 2005.

IdeaMatrix senses when a data element is changed on the BlackBerry. Within a few minutes during the next device idle moment, IdeaMatrix sends a tiny encrypted and compressed sync to REXwireless servers, ensuring your latest note is safe and secure.

If your BlackBerry is ever lost or damaged, your data is easily restored on the replacement smartphone by using your user name and password credentials. A BlackBerry device is simple to replace but years of notes are not. REXwireless Always*Safe keeps your data secure, without having to worry about the next time you can plug your smartphone into your PC and run Desktop Manager.

Inject from E-Mail, Phonelog, Address Book, and Calendar - No Retyping Required

Much of the information we want to save comes in via e-mail. Other sources include notes that we might take during phone calls or items that appear on our calendars.

With IdeaMatrix, there is no reason to retype any of this information. IdeaMatrix offers an Inject-to-IdeaMatrix menu choice in BlackBerry E-Mail, BlackBerry Phone Log, BlackBerry Address Book, and BlackBerry Calendar. Simply click on the menu choice and information is instantly headed for the right folder in IdeaMatrix.

IdeaMatrix also offers a way to e-mail directly into your IdeaMatrix Inbox. This feature is great when you have an assistant who helps organize.

Lastly, information can easily be copy-and-pasted into our REXdesktop web access companion service.

There is no reason to re-type anything with most notes that you want in your IdeaMatrix.

Stay Well Organized

Easily manage thousands of notes and ideas, organized by drawer and folder.

Always Ready 24 x 7

Always have your important notes, price quotes, contracts, and letters with you, wherever you go..

Always Safe and Secure

Never lose your data with wireless, encrypted Always*Safe backup and recovery.

Find Notes Fast

Find notes efficiently with the award-winning free-form Indy*Search feature.

Inject Information without Re-Typing

Quickly inject e-mails from any e-mail box on the BlackBerry into IdeaMatrix that you would like to save for future reference. Injection also is available in other BlackBerry applications such as calendar, phone log notes, and memopad.

Access via Web Browser

Edit your notes using a browser from a PC or Mac with REXdesktop - data syncs wirelessly back and forth to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Reminder Alerts

IdeaMatrix offers alerts on notes. Easily remember to work on notes that you started but could not finish.

Password on Entry Option

IdeaMatrix can be configured to require password after a configurable idle period so that your notes are not accessed by someone that picks up your smartphone.

Dimensions Enable Customized Systems

IdeaMatrix offers the option of user programmable dimensions to set up custom views and grouping within your data.

E-mail in and out of IdeaMatrix

Notes or folders of notes can easily be sent out of IdeaMatrix via BlackBerry e-mail services. Notes can also be input automatically by sending an e-mail to your BlackBerry with IMX at the start of the subject.

"Speed of Search is Awesome"

"I never used memopad on my Blackberry because finding something later was darn near impossible. The find function only found whole words, and only in the subject line.

That's what makes IdeaMatrix so cool. You can find any note by searching all the text. The speed of search awesome."

Ivan Daley
Arlington, VA, United States


"Killer App"

"I use both ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix and really value both. IdeaMatrix especially, is a killer app for me on a BlackBerry.

I use it for so many things - all my biz ideas, shopping lists, stock investment ideas, New Year's resolutions... you name it. It has great flexibility."

Leon Meyer
Philadelphia, PA, United States


"I had no idea how much I needed a piece of software like IdeaMatrix.

Random notes organizer on your wireless is just not a category most people even think about.

Its now indispensable to me."

Steve Woods
Orlando, FL, United States


"Enthusiastically Recommend"

"I enthusiastically recommend IdeaMatrix.

My desk used to be buried in notes - post-its, loose leaf, booklets, notes on envelopes, notes on airplane napkins, notes on notes.

IdeaMatrix has vacuumed it up and put it on my BlackBerry. AND I CAN FIND whatever I'm looking for when I need it.

Thanks REXwireless."

Peter Savage
White Plains, NY, United States

"I love IdeaMatrix"

"I use IdeaMatrix every day to take notes during phone calls.

Being able to recall exactly the last time I talked to my customer, and better yet "remember" my customer's kid's name within seconds of being on the phone with him is priceless.

I love IdeaMatrix!"

Catherine Guerin
Riverside, CA, United States


"Dimensions are Impressive"

"I used IdeaMatrix for three years before I read your dimensions paper and understood what dimensions can do.

Dimensions are impressive and offer new possibilities to folder only organization. I'm sorry that I did not take the time to understand before now. Perhaps you should advertise the feature more."

Johann Reinhart

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