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Transfer Existing Licenses to Another BlackBerry PIN (Step 1 of 3)
Please complete the next few pages to transfer your previously activated licenses from one BlackBerry to another. 

REXwireless attaches your licenses to the PIN ID of your BlackBerry - you can view the PIN of your BlackBerry within BlackBerry Options / Status.

Important note about Auto-Switching - if the default email is the same on your previous and new BlackBerry device (the default email is found in BlackBerry Options / Advanced / Default Services), then our system is capable of doing an automatic licensing transfer to your next device, and the procedure below is not needed.

If you no longer have your previous device PIN and you have tried to rejoin on the BlackBerry and it created a new trial instead, please contact our support center.

Note that valid characters in the PIN are A - F, and 0 - 9 only.  PINs at 8 characters in length.

Old PIN: