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Proactive Inbox Filter and Alert System for BlackBerrytm Smartphones

At its simplest, AlertMatrix can be used to transform your BlackBerry into a High-Priority Paging System.

Used fully, AlertMatrix Professional allows the user to filter incoming e-mail and text messages, reducing daily interruptions which saves time, reduces stress, and improves productivity. It is simple to set up custom rules so that important messages trigger repeating alerts, ensuring that you are never slow to respond to your CEO, your important customers, or your family members.

Reduce Interruptions while Never Missing an Important Message Again!

E-Mail Interruptions Cost People Lots of Time and Loss of Focus!

E-mails and Text messages invade us all day long, usually with other people's urgencies instead of items that are important to our mission. The BlackBerry beeps, and we often can't help but look. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, we have responded to three or more messages that could have easily waited. Even worse, our mind is no longer focused on the job at hand.

This interruption cycle happens many times each day, for weeks and months and years. We come home each day with the feeling that we were really busy at work, but realize that little genuine forward progress was achieved.

AlertMatrix saves the average user more than 15 focused, strategically-productive minutes each day. Some report that they get a full hour more. Just fifteen minutes adds up to a return on investment of more than 5,000% and over $5,000 of hard dollar value per year. See our ROI model for more details.

Turn Off the Normal Beeps, but Don't Miss the Key Messages!

Many resort to turning off BlackBerry notifications for e-mails to try to stay on track. While this helps, it does result in important time-sensitive messages going un-noticed. Key customers, uptight CEO's, and harried spouses all expect quick turn-around from time-to-time.

AlertMatrix lets you turn off the general purpose notifications help proactively set up alerts for certain key individuals. You can set up a rule that your CEO's e-mails always beep notify you when they arrive, with a reminder every ten minutes until you see them. Other rules can be setup to be sensitive to a code word - so normal e-mails from your spouse might come in silently, but if he or she adds your code word of "urgent", then AlertMatrix kicks into repeating reminder mode every five minutes.

The system is flexible, and lets the user determine which rules are higher priority over others. This priority sensitivity is the key secret ingredient in AlertMatrix that makes it really effective in the real world.

Paging When Needed

Traditional paging is on the endangered species list in corporations, yet pagers serve an important purpose that is not easily replaced by cell phones or smartphones.

AlertMatrix allows a person to set up a key word or phrase that results in a loud, repeating alert until it is seen. This capability in many ways surpassed traditional pagers because it can be customized to exactly what is needed, working well for doctors and emergency response personnel. AlertMatrix is in use at numerous fire stations around the world as well as other time-sensitive environments such as hospices.

This paging capability works for almost everyone. If your son or daughter breaks an arm at school, its really comforting to know that your spouse's message will get through when it needs to.

Top-Priority Inbox

AlertMatrix lets you proactively take charge of your inbound messages by filtering them into a top priority group.  As a result, there are less distractions, allowing you to be more focused and productive.

Too often, we only have two minutes before the red light turns green.  You may only have five minutes as you dash from the Aspen conference room to the Vail conference room on that day of back-to-back meetings. AlertMatrix, by sifting through incoming mail for the messages that matter, allows you to see the ones that are worthy, when time is tight.

AlertMatrix helps you become proactive with email instead of reactive.

Create Custom Alerts

Create custom alerts (tones, vibrations, LED) for messages that match your watch-for rules. .

Configure Repeat Frequency

Configure frequency to repeat alerts if the triggered notification is not dismissed.

E-Mail Rules by Company

Set up rules to watch for BlackBerry e-mails or missed calls from anyone at specific companies or domains.

  • example: "@nasa.gov"
  • example: "202-358-****"

E-Mail Rules by Specific Person

Set up rules to watch for BlackBerry e-mails, missed phone calls, or text messages from specific people.

  • example: "george.jones@nasa.gov"
  • example: "202-358-1234"

E-Mail Rules by Specific Subject

Set up rules to watch for specific text in the subject of a message.

  • example: "911"
  • example: "emergency"

Manage the Priority of Alerts

Easily juggle the priority of alerts with REXwireless' advanced ACE and Delay*All Plus technologies.

Alert Mode Settings

Specify actions AlertMatrix should take when running in Weekday, Weekend, or Night alert modes.

Two Versions - AlertMatrix Professional and AlertMatrix Essential

AlertMatrix is offered in two versions:

AlertMatrix Professional offers unlimited "watcher rules" is perfect for a busy professional with numerous key contacts and projects. 
$19.95 US

AlertMatrix Essential offers all the same capabilities as the Professional version, but is limited to your top ten contacts, perfect for people that want to set up only their spouse, manager, assistant, kids, and a few others for special alerts. 
$9.95 US

Use BlackBerry Profiles or AlertMatrix Override Settings

AlertMatrix allows the user to use standard BlackBerry Sound Profiles or override settings in any combination. This provides great flexibility in setting up AlertMatrix to best fit individual needs.

Device Transfers are Free and Preserve Settings

As with all REXwireless software. AlertMatrix can be transferred free-of-charge to new BlackBerry smartphones as a user upgrades to new hardware. A person's rules setup is transferred to each new smartphone without requiring re-creation of rules.

"Indispensable App"

"AlertMatrix has tamed my inbox. Now I'm only alerted by the emails I want to get notifications about.

I tried an iPhone for a week, until I realized how important message handling really is to my daily existence. This software is that important. It is an indispensable app."

Bill Zimmerman
Los Angeles, United States


"Stops the Noise"

"AlertMatrix stops the noise. It really reduced stress that I didn't realize I had from constant emails.

I now turn off my email notifications after work yet still get notified if a problem comes up at my customers. In the past, everything would make me look."

John Gibson
London, UK

"Works Very Well"

"I work in three different jobs where I'm on call. Being able to respond and manage when I'm on call for each department is tricky business. AlertMatrix works very well and has completely taken care of the issue, better than when I had a simple pager because the pager was not nearly as programmable."

Adam Johnson
Pittsburgh, United States


"Way Better Inbox"

"I bought AlertMatrix for other reasons but I have grown into the idea of a filtered inbox. This way better inbox is stupendous side benefit! "

Maria Garcia
San Jose, United States

"Commission Bonus Doubled"

"This is the best money I've ever spent on any app including big apps like Office for my PC.

I just had a customer tell me that the number one reason he gave us the contract was my turnaround response to issues. AlertMatrix made this possible. This deal made my year and my commission bonus doubled. Thank you, thank you, thank you, REXwireless."

Al Manning
Houston, United States



"I have tried others and have no doubt that AlertMatrix is best.

I never miss a message from my manager or my wife. Truly excellent."

Ketan Shah
Paris, France

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